30 Participants 

5 Partner Organizations

1 Week

Countless New Relationships

The Other + Wise program produces week-long experiences for groups of up to 30 participants for ages 13 years and older. Other + Wise works with multiple partner organizations in the Denver and Aurora metropolitan area that represent diverse communities and cultures. Other + Wise requires each participant group to experience at minimum five (5) partner organization experiences, along with suggested additional experiences that might include museums, ethnic restaurants, festivals, and the like. While we are open to working with groups on a schedule and experience that best works for the group, we suggest that participant groups plan on at least a five (5) night stay with us, and that the experience begin with a Saturday arrival and a Friday departure.

Your group leader will receive materials and coaching, as needed, that will assist with your group with preparing for their Other + Wise experience.

An Other + Wise team member will be present to orient your group upon your group’s arrival, offer an opening and closing presentation, and be present to assist with some large group sharing, as needed, during the week’s program.

Other + Wise has partnered with local congregations who have graciously and faithfully entered into this journey with us, and who will host the stays for the participant groups during their Other + Wise week- long journey. Participant groups are responsible for providing their own bedding and other linens. There are restrooms available, small kitchen areas, and areas for groups to gather for large and small group activities. Other + Wise works with local organizations that provide showers and larger restrooms for your group’s periodic use throughout the week. Gender and disabilities are always taken into consideration when coordinating logistics for your group, and we will work closely with the group leaders to ensure needs are met with appropriate care and sensitivity.

All transportation needs are the responsibility of the participant groups. At times, utilizing public transportation will be necessary or suggested. Directions and maps to experiences will be provided to drivers and occasionally an Other + Wise team member will accompany your group to its destination. Travel time to and from the experience is always included in the schedule for the day.

Provision of all meals are the responsibility of the participant groups. Whether your group is scheduled or chooses to have a meal at a restaurant, or plans to prepare a meal at the church, travel and meal prep time will be included in the schedule. At times, it will be required that groups prepare sack lunches instead of returning to the church to eat lunch, depending upon the schedule for that day.

Other + Wise programming is a relatively inexpensive experience for the individual participant and the participant group. Our heart-changing and life-changing experiences, we believe, will be far more valuable to participants, your group, your organization, your congregation, and your community than the cost incurred for your group’s experience with Other + Wise.

$30 per night per participant.

In addition, the group is required to give a monetary gift to each partner organization. These gifts also serve as additional cultural lessons for participants, and the amount offered is far less in value than what your group will receive from the partner organization. To learn more about monetary gifts for partner organizations, please contact Kinna, our Program Director.

Pre-registration costs are $60 per participant, which is non-refundable, and due by April 1 for summer program weeks. Groups who wish to participate outside of summertime weeks will work with our Program Director to determine payment schedule.

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