An experience with Other + Wise, is not like any other senior high youth group “trip” I have been a part of, both as a leader and as a youth myself. Other + Wise will expand the size of the body of Christ. Other + Wise will show you stories, you wouldn’t have heard otherwise.  Other + Wise gave us an experience that allowed us to listen to voices, see places, and encounter Christ in places we were not aware of. We heard hard stories, we debriefed constantly, and grew in our awareness of who God is. Through Other + Wise, we gained an experience that put our faith to action, to listen, to see, and to love better.

—Jon Bates
Youth Minister (Former)
Atonement Lutheran Church + Billings, Montana

After being left unsatisfied with cookie-cutter mission trips that seem to harm rather than help, when we partnered with Other + Wise our goals were transformed from gratitude to action, from vacation to justice, and our mood changed from comfort to indignancy. We were put in front of people that stripped away our own egos and perspectives and left us totally humbled and willing to work toward a more inclusive kingdom of God.

 —Per Nestingen
Director of Youth & Family Ministry
Farmington Lutheran Church + Farmington, Minnesota

In search of a true accompaniment experience for youth, Other + Wise was the solution for turning “mission trip” into a shared story of God’s vast and inclusive kingdom. The stories shared, the experiences gained, and the moments of listening and discomfort pushed us to love bigger and see with new eyes. Look no further for an immersion into God’s grace and justice. 

—Elisabeth Pynn Himmelman, Youth Director