Other + Wise offers week-long cultural immersion experiences for youth who are ready to expand their worldview. 

It was Jesus’s mission and ministry to be in relationship with all people, regardless of their station in society. As his followers, we are also called to be in relationship, particularly with those who may look or live differently than we do. 

Our programs help youth and their adult leaders become “other” wise by immersing with different people, places, and cultures. We call these experiences journeys because our participants are on a quest to make genuine connections outside their own communities. We believe this journey will last a lifetime, as our alumni commit to life-long cultural competency, inclusion, and justice work.  

Other + Wise: Urban Journeys are hosted in Colorado’s beautiful Denver/Aurora metropolitan area.

Other + Wise: Borderland Journeys take place in and around the vibrant city of San Antonio, Texas.

Other+Wise: Indigenous Journeys is under construction. Stay tuned!

Other+Wise: Serrano is an immersive leadership development program for youth from Native Nations in the United States. If you are a Native youth who might be interested in joining us for Other+Wise: Serrano, please contact Vance, our Director.

Other + Wise Journeys feature:

  • Engagement experiences with Other + Wise partner organizations from diverse communities and cultures. 
  • Outside excursions to cultural destinations like festivals, museums, and local-flavor restaurants.
  • Unique opportunities to give back to the people and places encountered on the journey.
  • Interactive debriefings for processing new ideas and experiences, both individually and as a group.
  • Accessible accommodations in the heart of the host area.