It has been said that Sunday is the most segregated day of the week, and it’s true. Many congregations are filled with people who look alike, sound alike, and worship alike. However, the body of Christ is all-inclusive, and we do ourselves a disservice by keeping our perspectives limited. We also miss out on our call as followers of Christ to live in relationship with people from all walks of life.

To answer that call, today’s diverse Church needs leaders of all ages who are culturally competent. However, developing them takes intentional action. It takes individuals who are genuinely willing to listen to, learn from, and relate to people outside their own communities. It takes real connection through diverse experiences. It takes getting out of our comfort zone and into the world. Other + Wise was created to do just that with our cultural immersion programs. 

Looking to the future, we envision Other + Wise experiences as just the beginning. Our youth groups and congregations will commit to a lifetime of learning and understanding the views of others. They will continue to grow relationships with people who are different than themselves. They will carry on their journey for cultural competency, inclusion, and justice. They will become “other” wise, and the mission and heart of the Church will be transformed.